Friday, January 7, 2011

Lottery is Now Open


This is a life changing event. Many of us have been to the Bootcamp and they all agree that it was off the charts. You will come back a different man and I am planning on going again if I am selected.

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Wild at Heart Boot CampIn order for a man to get his heart back, he’s got to take a journey. One that involves risk, danger, and a point of no return.

Wild at Heart Boot Camp, lead by John Eldredge, author of Wild at Heart, and the Wild at Heart Team, is a four-day quest into the recovery of the masculine soul.

Through teaching sessions that go deep into the message of Wild at Heart, guided times of personal reflection, and optional adventures, Boot Camp is more than a retreat – it is an expedition of the heart. You will never be the same.

We have chosen to use a lottery process because of high demand for our events. Demand exceeds supply. All economic laws are telling us "more" is the answer… charge more money…do more retreats… include more people! But God has entrusted us with a message--a message about the heart in which "more" is often heart-killing. We want you to experience these retreats (and most importantly experience your God in life-changing ways), but not at the cost of sacrificing the message we want you to experience. So, to better serve all of those interested in attending, we are using a lottery selection process

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