Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Renounce the Agreements You've Made

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Renounce the Agreements You've Made
Your wounds brought messages with them. Lots of messages. Somehow they all usually land in the same place. They had a similar theme. "You're worthless." "You're not a woman." "You're too much?and not enough." "You're a disappointment." "You are repulsive." On and on they go. Because they were delivered with such pain, they felt true. They pierced our hearts, and they seemed so true. So we accepted the message as fact. We embraced it as the verdict on us.

The vows we made as children act like a deep-seated agreement with the message of our wounds. They act like an agreement with the verdict on us. "Fine. If that's how it is, then that's how it is. I'll live my life in the following way?." The vows we made acted like a kind of covenant with them. Those childhood vows are very dangerous things. We must renounce them. Before we are entirely convinced that they aren't true, we reject the message of our wounds. It's a way of unlocking the door to Jesus. Agreements lock the door from the inside. Renouncing the agreements unlocks the door to him.

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