Tuesday, February 8, 2011

upcoming events

On Tuesday, we will have the 4th in the series, "Love and War", by John and Staci Eldredge. Read Chs 5 & 7 for this week. This is so relevant and helpful in this day of seemingly disposable relationships. This will help you regardless of whether you are married or not. We meet for dinner at 7PM and will have great food, praise, teaching and fellowship.

REAL Men meets on Thursday with the morning session from 6:20-7:30 AM in the Forum. The discussions are always lively and inspirational as God uses our various experiences and understandings to guide and encourage each other in the journey of faith and meaning. The lunch session meets from 11:45-1:00PM at the New China Buffet on the NE corner of Lockwood Ridge and University Pkwy. Bob Cook will lead this week's session.

Men's Retreat Date
The next men's retreat date is 9/22-25 and it will be held at the Daypsring Conference Center in Parrish. This event is sure to be a sellout so be planning and saving your money for the soon to be announced ticket program.

Beast Feast
The Beast Feast will be held Sarasota Baptist on Proctor Road next week on 2/19 from 2:30-7:30. Go to thebeastfeast.com to buy advance tickets for $10. A day of fun, a great meal, and a superb speaker! What a deal The gospel will be presented so bring friends and family to hear the story of Jesus's love and redemption.

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