Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cambodian Mission Trip

Hello men, I leave on 6/24 for a mission trip to Cambodia as part of a team for the Executive Ministries of Campus Crusade. We will be working closely with 43 colonels in the Cambodian military to teach them English, share our faith with them, and conduct a marriage seminar. /we will be in country for 2 weeks returning to the US on 7/13. Please pray for us to do God's mighty work as we trust Him in areas for which we are not prepared by our knowledge and skills. We are way out of our comfort zone on this trip so this places us where God alone can make things happen - sounds like a very good thing! Pray for us to be open to His will and knowledge and for Him to work through us. We also request prayers for safety, health and a good spirit within the team.

I will deeply miss all of you and will be praying for the ministry here in Florida.

God bless, Billy

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