Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just back from Bootcamp

I just wanted to share with you a video from BootCamp. It was my third time out there and it was off the charts. We serve a Great God and having the opportunity to know him better has changed my life for the better. Below are some take aways that one of the guys shared and I wanted to pass them along:

WAH Take Homes:

-Sonship: The primary place where your life is assaulted is in sonship to the father (Eph 1:4-5). To know God as Father, to trust Him with our life, wife, children and everything else, is more critical than the healing of cancer (said by a man dying of melanoma and leukemia)

-I'm faking it and so are you!: Our sin and brokenness lead to posing, or the absence of security, the absence in knowing we have what it takes, beneath the posing is woundedness, we still need validation and deep healing to live in freedom. The worst thing is when your posing "works" for you. Freedom is available, now. Admit it, name it, ask Jesus to enter in.

-Addictions are never the issue, just a symptom or effort to numb the wound. We either (1) deny our wounding, (2) minimize it, or (3) embrace it as our identity.

-Walking it out: Our ministry comes out of what we live not out of what we know. Learn to live like a warrior, and learn your place in the story. When we deny the enemy/battle/evil we either blame God, ourself or someone else. God hasn't abandoned you, you are at war, start shooting!

-No single man can fill the role of father, when we see our dads as sons we can relinquish them from their fatherly duties and set them free. When the student is ready the teacher will appear, when the son is ready the father will appear. The father needs it as much as the son. God, I embrace sonship, father me today.

-Before going to my Beauty, I need to learn to not go the my Beauty. The bigger the poser, the more unhealed my heart, the more I am a disaster here. I choose God or I choose Eve, a man with genuine strength can walk away. If I give my beauty the power to validate me, I give her the power to invalidate me. This is the #1 thing for the enemy to take men out. Begin by taking it to God. Everytime I "take a peak" I give away part of my strength, everytime I resist I regain my strength...with that strength God will give you a kingdom! The best time to resist is in real time. A man's worst fear is failure, a woman's abandonment. I've yet to meet a woman who thinks she is beautiful.

-Resolve to be "all in" -- practice listening to the voice of God (start simple, "Father do you love me?"), take your restoration seriously, gather and lean on a band of brothers.

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