Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leave the broken and take the whole

Hello men, we had a links ceremony at Wildmen recently and Andrew Smith wrote the following note about the symbolism of leaving the broken link of chain behind as we take up the whole link that binds us to God and our fellow warriors. Pretty cool thoughts and powerful message. Enjoy!


Good evening gentlemen,

Last week most of us participated in a link ceremony. The symbolism of this event should have great and lasting meaning to each of us. To have something that can remind us to pray for each other through out each week, and of our connection to each other through Christ is something we can’t begin to put a price on.

I would like to suggest another meaning to take from this. While each of the newest Wild men were cutting their WHOLE link out of the chain, every other link had to be BROKEN. The BROKEN links left behind can be a symbol of each one of our brokenness. As we received a WHOLE and UNBROKEN link, which suggests in part what we can grow to be here through fellowship with each other and Christ, (whole and unbroken) we can learn to leave a little part of our brokenness (like the broken links on the floor) here with our brothers each week.

At least one purpose of these Wild men meetings is to get know one another, help lift each other out of our BROKEN situations and become WHOLE men again going back out into life and to our families to be the men God intended us to be. I look forward to coming here each week to share and learn how to better handle life, to be lifted up in prayer, and to be able to do the same for each of you. My wife, my kids, and I thank you for allowing me to come here each week and try to leave a piece of my brokenness here and go away a little more WHOLE. I love you all!


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