Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are you listening to God or NOT

Sometimes we get so busy that we pray fast and dont take the time to listen. The other day I was able to slow down and pray but more importantly listen. In my life God speaks in a number of ways, through the bible, the holy spirit, songs of praise, through good christian friends but most importanly my wife.

When I was praying I asked God why did he allow me to make a big mistake with one of our employees, and what was he trying to teach me. The answer was that he did not allow me to make the mistake and that he was trying to guide me, I just was not listening. I would wake up every day upset about the situation and never had peace and I never took the time to look deeper and now I am dealing with the consequences.

My advice for you today is that when you are in a situation and you do not have "Peace" be careful and take the time to slow down and pray. God is not the author of confusion and he has a plan for you and that is a good plan.