Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bullying in school

The other night I was talking to my son and he was upset because he was being bullied at school and he asked me what to do. Well the PJ Peter (Pre Jesus) would have told him to kick his ass because that is what I did in school. But I had to hold my toung even though my blood was boiling. I asked what would God what us to do? I struggled with that as well and we then said he would want us to pray for the bully.

Last night, when I spoke to Dylan he told me that he had prayed for the boy and that today he was totally different and nice.

God you are the best, I told Dylan that many times God wants us to do things that do not make sence or feel good or right but if we listen to him and trust him he will make thing all work out.

Just wanted to share,


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