Tuesday, September 27, 2011

another report

Not only was it a pleasure praying for this event. Being there was a special treat. If I had to give this weekend a title, I'd call it Manna from Heaven.
God showed up on all levels, and men from 1st timers, to leadership hearts were transformed . You couldnt possible have been there and not have your heart changed.
The tangible presence of the living God was all over us till the last moment.
Just when you thought you couldnt experience anything more" GOD", blew you away with another life changing moment.
The finally on sunday, of a woman who just lost her wildman, spoke with power on high, about a man who not only was an original wildman, but lived a life well done.
The legacy travis left, not only pushed you over the edge. It rained down hope,freedom, transference of faith, to his children, and all whom was in the room.
As I scanned the room, during this testimony, men were totally hanging in awe of what God could do threw a surrendered consecrated life, of rescuing his beauty,
protecting his family, and passing on the torch of greatness.
Gentlemen; WELL DONE.
If youve never experienced a Wildmen Bootcamp, Do not miss the next one. God will change your life. Mine will never be the same

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