Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Message to our Intercessors

Where do I begin to tell you of all of the incredible stories of how you and your prayers impacted the Wildmen Boot Camp this weekend. It was sold out and men still wanted to just show up at the last minute. I hear that one man even slept on the floor. The Spirit of God spoke deeply into men's hearts. We witnessed the Father intimately draw men to himself during the sessions and in times of quiet reflection. Hearts where changed, relationships restored, brokenness healed, hope revived, families reconciled, warriors returned to their battle field to fight with all of their amour. Men who had checked-out of their relationships at home declared their reclaimed vision to rescue their beauty and have their household restored under Christ's banner of love. Seven men came to faith in Christ while at this event. Many more men even told of their wounded hearts being healed and of their breaking agreements. All bringing tears of joy because of your prayers.

One man said that he could not explain all that took place in his life this weekend. "It will take a lifetime". He wanted the team to know, that from the moment he arrived he felt as if he was in the middle of Ft. Knox so that he knew he was completely safe. He enjoyed all the sessions, the journaling and the fellowship of men. But nothing prepared him for what he experienced Saturday night and all Sunday morning. Sunday was the most powerful teaching of his life that has impacted his heart forever. He said, "it was as if an atom bomb went off in the room and there wasn't a man who wasn't effected in the same way". He went home and talked with his wife, crying, and then told me he still hasn't scratched the surface of what has happened in him!

Intercessors, I pray that you are richly rewarded by God for your prayer support and service for the Kingdom of God and the men of this Boot Camp weekend. There are so many reports and stories still coming, please continue to pray for the men through the next weekend.

As you know, it was extremely difficult to get to this Boot Camp weekend. This weekend was more round the clock work than other Boot Camps, however the result was in a word, a "privilege" to be there and to be His servant for this 66 hour expedition of heart, thank you for your faithful prayer support. The work of Christ and His Gospel is well worth the effort, please always remember this, may it be your Ebenezer. All for the honor and glory of God.


On behalf of the Wildmen Team
... seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. Matthew 13:8

PS We’re still in awe over all that transpired this weekend and are still processing it all. As we get more reports and media we’ll post them on our web site http://WildmenMinistry.com and on our Facebook page

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