Monday, September 19, 2011

Health update and Prayer Request

As many of you may know, I suffered a serious injury Friday night. I ruptured (tore completely in two) the Achilles tendon in my left leg. Immediately after suffering the injury, while still on the field, I knew that this was from the enemy in an attempt to take me out. That isn't going to happen!

You see, 23 years ago, I suffered the same injury to my right leg. I was immobilized from the waist down for 6-months and spent another six months getting my strength back. There was three feet of snow on the ground, we lived in a three-story condo, both kids were toddlers, and I had a dog that ran away everytime you let it outside. Needless to say, it was a terrible year for Jeen and I. Satan meant for all of that to come back to my wife and I with this injury as well - the discouragement, the fights, being physically exhausted, financially strapped, all of it...

That is not the case this time however. Yes, the injury is the same, but our hearts are not. Yes, it will require surgery and long months of rehab. Yes, I won't be able to run again until after Easter and will be greatly limited physically. Praise God! The victory is mine says the Lord!

Men, this Boot Camp is going to be special in a way and manner that we haven't even dreamed of. Somebody is going to come to know Jesus. Somebody will be set free. Somebody's marriage will be restored. There will be reconciliation and forgiveness asked for and given among the brothers. That's just the tip of the iceberg - that is just what I know God has shown me. Wow!

The opportunity we have been given to share the love of God with these men is both priceless and a privilege -we must not, we cannot, take our responsibility lightly. Lives literally hang in the balance...

I have elected to postpone surgery on my leg until after the camp so that I might be there with you all. That decision brings with it some additional consequences: due to the possibility of DVT (deep vein thombosis) and embolisms, the doctor has advised me not to travel - but I believe God has called me to drive the 1600 miles RT so that I may share what has been placed upon my heart, and that He will protect me as I travel. Additionally, to stay fully alert and attentive, I do not want to take my pain meds while I am driving. That is a problem because this injury has been very painful (morphine,etc.). I am trusting that God will control the pain until I get to Mark's house tomorrow night and can take my meds.

Please pray for a journey tomorrow where God will protect me physically from any medical emergency as I travel and that He will control the pain. Also, please pray that the decision to wait on surgery will not cause any further damage to my leg. Lastly, please pray for comfort and peace for my lovely wife Jeen.

I cannot wait to look into the eyes of the men God has brought to this camp and share with them the precious love He has shown to us through His Son, Jesus Christ. See you Thursday!

I Love You,

Scott Ptak -

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