Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Men at the Cross, Help Opportunities

Volunteer Request for MATC Event:
1. Data Entry >After the Altar Call on Sat Morning 9:20AM...for about an hour to Enter Data from Altar Commitment Cards, and have that info ready to give to Pastors in 10:40 am Barnabas Meeting.Wife's or Female typist volunteers work great so men don't miss activities (but not a requirement).

2. Airport Transportation (From TPA to Largo Hotel) Help for some of our Arriving Platform team, Speakers and Musician's. Starting Possibly as early as Thurs Night??? But mostly several on Friday in late afternoon and evening arrivals. Some men that would like to help us with Transportation, I could just assign a Flight and arriving Person's Name and information to any volunteers that could make a pick-up, for us.

3. Able Body, volunteers to load into the Church and event Set up on Friday, starting at 9AM until finished. & Saturday at 1PM Able Body, volunteers to pack-up and Load out.

I would be the contact person for anyone interested in these volunteer needs just email me at george@menatthecross.org or call my cell anytime (863) 797-6681

Bless You! George Ridenour

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