Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Men at the Cross

Only 4 days until the Tampa Men at the Cross conference!!

Dear Petre,

By now you've probably seen "Blind Side" twice and if you're like me, loved it more the second time! I like it for some different reasons. You see, that woman who plays the part of "the mom" is so much like my wife it's unreal! My Debbie Jo, who I've been married to for 37 years and love more every year she puts up with me is a duplicate of that mom! She has such a big heart and that girl knows what she wants! I laughed through half that movie watching "my wife" take charge of everybody and then cried through the rest of it seeing that young football player's dreams come true.

Do you know why Orlando Pace's salary dwarfed Kurt Warner's salary the first time the Rams went to the Super Bowl? Because the guy who protects the Quarter Back's blind side is worth it! No left tackle, no quarterback. Ask Joe Thiesmann!

Who's your "left tackle"? Everybody needs one. He's the guy who prays for you daily. He's the guy who asks you tough questions weekly.

"Did you look at anything pornographic this week?"

"Did you honor your wife (or mom) this week?"

"Did you get in the Word daily?"

He's the guy who loves God more than He loves you. He believes in you no matter what, but he's not impressed by you. He'll shoot it straight and won't flinch if you're beating around the bush. He's the guy who'll sit by your hospital bed and help carry your casket someday. I think the reason most guys get knocked out of the game is because they don't have a left offensive tackle who is "bad to the bone" about being honest with them.

When a man is ready to pay the high price of vulnerability and transparency, he'll be ready to draft a blind side protector in the next draft.

I'll guarantee you it will be the most important draft day of your life.

Standing together,

Joe White


  1. If you have never seen or heard Joe White in person, you cannot afford to miss him! Joe White is a Mans Man! A 5th degree blackbelt in serious Christianity!
    I appreciate having WILDMEN as my left tackle!
    I LOVE You Brothers!

  2. i like your post