Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Prayer Request

My sister is in Russia today meeting a little girl that she is trying to adopt, please pray for my sister Cathy and Alana. I have attached an update for you to read and some pictures.

I am asking God for a miracle and that she is allowed to bring her home with her on this trip. We serve and great God and he can do what ever he wants and I know that he can make a way clear for this.

Well … Cathy and Alana (Little Rock) have made it through Day 1 … Cathy is in great spirits but is very tired and finally getting some sleep … I am sure that you can all imagine how emotional this must be for her … Her strong spirit is a testament to the strength that she pulls from all of your love and support … Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers …

I have uploaded all of the photos she has sent and a video onto snapfish … Please see below for a link to them as well as a brief note form Cathy …


Just wanted to send along a few photos and a quick update from my journey. I had my interview today the Minister of Education and it went very well. She was a very nice woman and offered me advice on appearing before the judge and responding to questions. She said she was looking for a healthy child and girl for me - since boys can be trouble. I thought that was funny. After the appointment, we made our way out to Cherapanova to visit the baby house. It is in a very small rural village that is extremely poor. The baby house is very nice and the staff seem wonderful. Svetlana was pretty traumatized when they brought her to me and left the room - she could sense I wasn't a russian. With some time, she really warmed up and was very interactive. We played for over an hour with her laughing, being mischievous, and crawling all around the room. By the end of the visit, she was curled up on my lap just smiling and giggling. So far all looks well. She is a strong child thriving in less than adequate conditions. I have no doubt that she would do wonderful at home on Kent Island. I am hoping to get further medical information tomorrow. The only thing we have noticed is that sometimes she seems to have a lazy eye. Otherwise, she is doing well and only seems to be speech delayed. I'm not surprised though, because the baby house was so quiet all day - they must keep the children very quiet.

I'm feeling very optimistic. She is a beautiful little girl with a lot of personality and spunk. I'm being told that the process could be complete in as early as 2 months but not longer than 4 months. It'll be hard to leave her - it was hard today and it is was only our first visit. But - it will be worth it. Thanks again for all the love and support. I'll keep you posted.


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