Monday, November 22, 2010

Men at the Cross update

Hit over the head with a 2x4
The men at the cross event on Saturday was off the charts. The bottom line was that we needed to go out and find our Timothy. I stand there with 800 other men and pray God bring me my Timothy; whatever it takes I am ready. We are in the car driving back and I get a phone call from a young man that I have been sort of mentoring, and he wanted to get together that night but I could not because I had to work after church.
That night we go to church and I look across and see him sitting by himself in the front row. That was when I was hit by the 2x4 my Timothy was right there and I did not even see him. I love our father who cares enough about us to hit us when we are not listening or looking.
I share this because many of you reading this blog were there with me and we all need to be reminded sometimes to open our eyes, hurting people are right in front of us.

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