Saturday, October 22, 2011

From Mark

On the intimacy of Jesus...

The valuable things that we learn and we put into practice really show our changed attitude and new direction. Many men have had these changes through a commitment to daily Bible reading, prayer with their family both a result of a man receiving the power of a consistent relationship with Jesus Christ. And their families see it!

In Mark 7:31-37 Jesus took a man who could not hear nor speak aside personally and healed him... One to one with Christ. There are times when I too need to get away from the crowd with Jesus one to one, personally. That personal time with God is so important. Mark 8:22-26 says after Jesus heals a blind man at Bethsaida, Jesus asks him to change his direction giving him a personal message. Jesus tells him don't go back into the village on your way home. As if to say, "don't return to your old life or routine". Jesus just made all things new so walk with new vision. Walk in a new and different path all the way home. How about you? Are you walking home a different way today with your family? Are you putting into practice what you have learned? Ever wondered what kind of a different life you would have praying with your family or reading the Bible with your family. The surprise might be too great. You might need a defibrillator for the in-laws and relatives but maybe that's an up side too? All kidding aside if you can't see, or can't hear or just can't find the right words to speak just take some personal time with Jesus Christ. He is there waiting and wanting the personal time with you. Try today to go all the way home with Jesus Christ. It may take a little longer but the view is certainly worth it. Jesus can intimately give you what you need to change an attitude, give new vision and new direction. Besides at least you'll have pretty good company, even if he hangs out with some Wildmen. Afterall if Jesus can change their lives for good, well you get the pciture.... Thankful to have some personal time with Him today, how about you...Mark

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