Monday, October 10, 2011

Tony Dungee event

Tuesday night Kick off for the Wildmen Tampa at Grace Family Church of their new Umbrella ministry with Tony speaking is $5.00. Jerry Batista (Men's Director at Grace) said Wildmen will still be on Tuesday nights but the rest of their now ever-growing numerous men's ministries will be under their banner name of Courageous Men. They just had too many men's groups. I remember when there was just one - Wildmen. This is what happens when men get their hearts back and follow Christ with all of their heart! They get excited and keep going beyond all expectations to please God with exactly what God has written on their hearts. Love what God has done with His Wildmen at Grace as a foundation to equip and encourage their growing ministries!

All the praise and honor to God!

Love Always,
Mark Woods

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