Friday, October 28, 2011

Read this from my Nigeria Brother

To Mr. Peter Martin;

Thanks for your email. I am so confused now, I was left alone at the age of 11 years to face my life, that is what brought me to this Game.

Now am married with 2 Children. Due to the lack of proper Education, that is to say the mistake from my parent, i was unemployed for over 20 years. Now that i married i need to give my Children the best in life that is why i engage my self in this.

I assure you that since you have spoke to me, i will try and STOP this. Now i am like sheep without Shepard. I will appreciate it if you can help me, start up a New Life.

I am presently in Nigeria.

You are like my brother now, Please is its any way you can volontier your self and help me to start a new life, the LORD GOD will help you. God bless you my brother.

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