Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Worship Music Camp 2011 opportunity...

Hi, our son Daniel (13) loves music, leads worship at our church for kids, the youth group, plays during Sunday's services and plays bass guitar for Wildemen.


Daniel asked us if we could extend his request to vote on his "90sec video entry" taken from Camp Electric music camp this summer.

The video with most votes wins full scholarship ($700+) to the next year's Music Camp 2011 in Nashville, TN sponsored by Toby Mac (and taught by top Christian musicians) A dream for those who are in the music field. (On 20 entries submitted, Daniel is in top 3)


Thank you in advance for your consideration to help out... Fyi, Camp Electric lets one vote per day till September 1st,2010.

Let me know if you have any questions at lesu77@yahoo.com

(Info about http://www.campelectric.com)

Les Urbanski (for Daniel Urbanski)

How to vote for Daniel’s video entry:

Create a simple log-on ID account and log-on:


(leave most of the lines blank unless it’s required)

After login, scroll down and type “Daniel’s Entry” in the Search browser below (you should see Daniel’s Entry video 1:29sec).

Select PLAY and after 15-20sec, you can click the VOTE option placed under the media player. Next select the VOTE! button just below. Done!


To vote again, you need to wait 24hrs and go directly to this link: (60sec process) http://media.campelectric.com/login/

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