Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IMPORTANT Prayer Request for our Brother

Tomorrow at 9:00 one of our brothers Jose Macias will be donating one of his Kidneys to his cousin who has been on Dialysis for the past five years. Her name is Laura Hernandez and I am asking you all to STOP what you are doing at 9:00 AM Tomorrow and say a special prayer for our brother Jose, Laura, the doctors and the nurses so that all goes according to Gods plan.

He will be at Tampa General till Sunday in recovery, if you want to send him a message his email is or you can call him at 941 224 0833 and lift him up.

If you are in Sarasota tomorrow we are going to be praying for him at my office at 9:00. The address is 6371 Business Blvd. Suite 108. If you need directions call the office at 907 4132.

Dear Heavenly Father, you are the Great healer and we lift up our brother to you and ask you to protect him and guide the doctor’s hands. Send you Angles to him and Laura and heal them. Please protect and comfort their families during this time, IN Jesus Name. AMEN


  1. Guys:

    I finally was able to talk to the floor nurse and he told me that Jose was doing well. He was a little nausous and they gave hisw something and it put him to sleep.

    If you have any news please post it and keep him in your prayers

  2. I just spoke to Jose and he is doing better today. He was up and walking around but was still very tired. He thanks everyone for all the prayers and his family thanks you as well.

  3. I spoke with Jose tonight and he is doing well. Hospital staff are awestruck about his recovery. He told them it is because God has him taken care of. Laura is in ICU but will most likely be moved out tomorrow. Jose is slated to come home on Sunday. I told him we would not get him any flowers and he started laughing and told me to stop talking like that because it hurts to laugh.