Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jose Update

Pray WORKS>>>>

Jose got home yesterday, he is tired but feeling good and wants to THANK all of you for his pray covering. He loves you all and is looking forward to being back in the ranks soon.

He is going to be down for a while so if you want to help him or drop off a meal please give him a call. He is not asking for anything, and probably never would but if you feel led to help him, take that urging and run with it.

I am reminded of a story from the book God Guides, where God told this missionary to bring a egg to one of her workers who she was cross with. She ignored God and came home and there was a Chicken in her house and laid an egg right in front of her (they were in India and doors were open)

She took the further prodding and brought the egg to her co worker but was embarrassed and had her son bring in the egg. Later that night the co workers showed up at the missionary’s house and asked how you knew to bring me an egg. That day there was not enough food for the kids and me so I went without and that egg was so good and filling, how did you know that I needed it?

God works in mysterious ways and if you are open he will use you.


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