Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Do you really believe in God

Brothers and Sisters:

Do you really believe in God and trust him with everything in your life?

Let me tell you a little God story in my life.

I can’t tell you how many times and how many people have told me, “Jay you really shouldn’t leave money laying around, and you should lock all your stuff up to keep someone from taking it and so on. Don’t get me wrong I do lock up from time to time, but more to keep some kid from getting themselves in trouble than to protect any possession I might consider mine. The trust is I have nothing, I am nothing, and cannot own anything. It all, including my life, is God’s. You cannot steal from me; and you cannot even take my life. This does not mean I am not to be a good steward. But when it comes to protecting what belongs to God, I am sure, he does not need my help. I cannot purchase love, or air, and these are the only things I cannot live without.

Now here is my latest story of how God uses the above belief to serve him. Last Friday night we came running in from church through the rain, and I did not think about locking the car. Like I said above the only reason I even consider locking it is there have been a few times when kids have taken the change and things from my car. Well Saturday morning I discovered they had been in my car again and this time they got maybe $13.00 it total in cash and change, a few pain pills I keep in the car, and my checkbook. The two things that actually concerned me the most were the pain pills and my postal stamps that were in my checkbook. The pills because the bible tells me I should not be a stumbling block to my brother: (I don’t want to be responsible for someone’s misuse of medication.) The postal stamps, because I am lazy and forgetful and hate going to buy more.
The bible tells us that ALL things come together for Good for those who believe and love the Lord. Today he proved it one more time for me. (This is not the first time things like this have happened when someone took something from our home, I could tell you many stories like this.) One of my neighbors, whom I had never met, brought me back my checkbook, and believe it or not the stamps. (see how well God knows me.)
My neighbor and I talked about God for the next hour. (Thinking I might offer her the book Epic by John Eldredge, that I keep a supply of to pass the word of God on to strangers.) I asked if she read. She replied, “the bible?” I said, “Well no, just read? But since you mentioned it do you read the bible?” She said she did, and I went and got her a copy of Epic. We talked about the Catholic church, and problems it is facing, and her love of her faith, and how the Holy spirit had led her to study God’s word more personally, (she said most of her life the church and teachers read to her, she wanted to know God more personally) and some of the Bible Studies she has be going to, and how her church is changing from within and many of the men are stepping out of their passive impotent roles into more Godly roles. We talked about God’s grace in my life changing me from the troubled kid I used to be, to the man who loves and trust God today. She responded with how blessed she is to have two brothers that God healed from alcoholism and how their lives have been transformed and both claim they have never felt such freedom and joy now that they live a Godly life.
Was that all God has done? Nope story isn’t over yet. I go strait to my computer to type this letter and share it with you but was interrupted when the Tax Assessor knocks on the door. (I have been remodeling my home they need to assess the new value.) Can you guess what we talked about for the next 30 minutes? Yep, we talked about God. What a magical thing will happen in our life, if we only believe. Only God and the person who went into my car will ever know what miracle God will perform, or maybe already has performed, in that life. Unless, and it wont surprise me, if someday that person comes to me to let me know how God touched them that night. I nearly forgot that when the Largo Police officer came I testified with him as well. I am sure someone reading this testimony is being blessed at this moment. God is limitless as far as it is from east to west. Only we limit what God can do, by our belief. What limits do I put on God? is a great question for me to ask myself. How about you? Most of us are going through something in life nearly every moment of every day. The thief is always trying to steal something from us. The only power he has is our belief that any of that stuff is ours. I don’t care if it is your health, your spouse, your children, our home, your job, your friends, even your desire to be treated well.

I didn’t write this letter to boast of myself but to boast of the Lord who loves me, and you, and has given us everything. We have earned nothing.
I will end this with a loving question: Have you really given everything to God? I know I haven’t but I am working on it.

You brother is Christ

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