Thursday, July 8, 2010

Love is on the move, buckle up and pray

Dear Partners, Friends, and Prayer Warriors,

We met last night for dinner with a young engineer (35) who is the project leader on the tallest building in Cambodia. He wants us to put on a seminar and panel discussion on moral ethics in business and how to effect the hearts of his employees on Saturaday at 2:00 pm. We don't know that he is a believer, but he is open to spiritual things and has given us the green light to talk about those things during this time.
He will have approximately 50 of his engineer trainees(24-26 years old) from his company and others locally there on the 15th floor where we will meet.

Please pray as we prepare for this:

The hearts of these young men to be open to spiritual solutions in their lives and to see the relevance in the marketplace.
That we will just be God's catalysts in this process as we field questions on business ethics and freedom, peace and purpose in life.
Billy will give a 30 minute presentation to introduce the principles and then we have question dialogue.

We have also just found out we have a group of 5 young businessmen who want to meet with us today for lunch to discuss similar issues (3 non-believers, 2 Christians).
I must leave now to get to the that meeting. Please pray the same things for this group.

Frank- for the team in Southeast Asia.

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