Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taxpayer dollars being used to end the lives of innocent, unborn children.

We said it would happen, and now it has. Taxpayer dollars being used to end the lives of innocent, unborn children.
$160 million taxpayer dollars have just been appropriated from the federal government to the state of Pennsylvania in order to set up a high-risk insurance pool program--a new program created by the health care bill that would cover abortion on-demand.

When those so-called pro-life Democrats like Bart Stupak and Kathy Dahlkemper voted for health care reform, they said our tax dollars would not be used to end unborn lives. President Obama said that his executive order would protect the conscience of the American taxpayers.

But that $160 million dollars isn’t a bluff or a false promise—it’s a reality, and the death toll will be a reality too. Please donate whatever you can today to help the Susan B. Anthony List fight this expansion of abortion through “health care.”

If there was any doubt that the health care bill included taxpayer-funding of abortion, those doubts are now laid to rest. The Obama Administration has not tried to hide their radical abortion agenda and are now moving into action—starting with full coverage for all legal abortion in Pennsylvania. We’ve got to continue our fight against the expansion of abortion through health care reform.

There is hope in our wonderful pro-life heroes in Congress like Reps. Chris Smith and Michele Bachmann who have been fighting tirelessly to defend unborn boys and girls. Rep. Joe Pitts has even sponsored the pro-life Protect Life Act, which would repeal the abortion funding in the health care bill. But, in order to advance legislation like the Protect Life Act and fight this $160 million dollar abortion giveaway, we need your financial support. Please give whatever you can right now.

May God bless you as we work together to fight the Culture of Death and the expansion of abortion across our nation.

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  1. Wow - Wildmen are now outwardly political.